Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Amazing!

Strolling along, whistling a happy little tune, a traveling Soul comes upon another Soul.

This little Soul is also smiling, but looking this way and that way and all around with a wide-eyed look of fascination on It's face. Having seen these rubber-necked, bug-eyed Souls before, the traveler chuckled to himself, "a newly awakened Soul."
* * * * * * * * * * * *
You see, many Souls are asleep. Their eyes are closed. They move through life without seeing and knowing. But that's okay, they need the rest. One day when the time is right, each will awaken, rub the sleep from their eyes, and look around with the same surprised look on their face as this little Soul.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Finding the company of these newly awakened Souls to be quite pleasurable, the traveling Soul stops to visit.

"Isn't it amazing?" uttered the little Soul, almost breathless.
He was gazing with fascination near and far, barely even noticing the traveler.

"Yes, it is truly amazing," gently replied the traveler. Smiling to himself, he was immensely enjoying the freshness of the moment.

"Look at that," awed the little Soul.

"And this, and that over there, " sounded the astonished voice as if it was just found again after long being lost.

"How does that work?
"Oh, and what does that over there mean?
"Gosh, why it that like that? . . .

The questions poured --  and then gushed -- out of this little Soul as he began to notice more and more with each passing moment.

But after a while the questions ebbed and slowly trickled into a silence between the two Souls. If they could hear anything at all, it was simply the sound of wonder.

Puzzled by the traveler's lack of response, the little Soul asked, "But you have been here and seen. And you don't know?"

"All I know," marveled the traveler in the humblest tone, "is that it just gets more amazing."

Those little eyes, which you would never have believed could get any wider, just opened even wider!

"That's amazing," he breathed.

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