Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Most Beautiful Light

"What happened?" she wondered.

"How could I understand the book now, when it made no sense just a few weeks ago?"

Because it made her calm and relaxed, she had been sitting quietly and singing HU each day.

"But then, one day, I saw a light --- even though my eyes were closed. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Afterwards, I had to know what it was. So I pulled out that Eckankar book which I gave up on the first time. Strangely enough, this time I understood every page!"

"The book didn't change. So it dawned on me, I must have changed. I understood more than before.

Because of singing HU.

(true story from a friend)
* * * * * * *
It seems more and more people have experienced the Light of God. They have one thing in common: their new outlook on life is a radical change from earlier.

Are you one of them, too?
* * * * * * * *
"I tried it," she mentioned.

"And now I sing HU a little before I read the Bible each evening."

It was the lady at the house where we were building a porch onto her home. I was a carpenter's helper for the summer break from college.

During my lunch break one day, the lady asked me about religion as she delivered ice tea around the work site. Worried about attempts to convert me, I tried to put her off. However, she was kind and she listened, so I told her about how I use the HU.

It was our last day, and the porch was completed. The lady took me aside to thank me. She explained the HU helped her understand the Bible even better. On occasion, the Bible would 'speak to her' in some mysterious way.

I found it just as fascinating as she did.

That's how I learned that the HU can be used by Christians, and likely, anyone of any religion. Why not? We're all children of God.
* * * * * * * *
Learn how to sing HU in this short video (3 mins.) with Harold Klemp, spiritual leader of Eckankar.

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