Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wake Up Calls

Have you
had a spiritual experience?

How did it change your life?

Often, people will come to an Eckankar meeting seeking explanations or answers about their spiritual experiences. Where else can you go when your priest or minister doesn't know?

Sometimes it's not all love and wonder.

Chicks Can't Get
Back in the Egg

One fellow I met laid down for a nap on a Saturday afternoon. He expected only rest and recovery after a tough week. Instead, he found himself up on the ceiling looking back down on his body.

In that higher state, it was plainly aware to him that he was not just a human body. Rather, he was an occupant of that body. He was a Soul.

A lot of other things were just as obvious to him, such as the meaning of life and why he was on earth.

Just as suddenly, it was all over. He tried to talk himself out of it as just his imagination. However, it was just too real.

Oh, he'd heard of such things before. But he paid them no mind. Religion and such was the farthest things from his mind.

In fact, he was very happy with his life. He went to work, came home, popped open a beer or two. Ate in front of the TV. Went to bed early looking forward to doing it all over again the next day.

"I wish it had never happened to me," he said.

"I know there is much more to life -- and I can no longer be satisfied with just my beer and TV. I wish I could go back."

What was he to do now?

I didn't know what to say to him. At least I could understand what he was saying.

At the time, I was one of those people in Eckankar who were trying to have just that experience that this fellow had. And here this guy had it, and wished he didn't.

A little bit more, I started to respect these powerful things I was asking for.


Another fellow had a past life experience.

It was made plain to him that what we find in our lives today is often because of what we did in previous lives. In other words, we deserved what we got.

This kind gentleman with graying temples was clearly distraught by this realization. He tried to forget it, but he couldn't.

Often referred to as karma, this cause and effect dynamic we encounter in the human state means, in part, there are no victims. No accidents.

And it was affecting his work. He was a judge.

"I have to pronounce a man guilty. But what if the so-called victim deserved what he got based on his behavior in a past life."

What had been simple and clear cut was no longer so simple and clear. This judge was struggling to reconcile his role within the greater context of karma and reincarnation. How to live rightly with a larger view of life?

Again, I didn't know what to say. I just listened. The Inner Master would have to help him. I was out of my depth.
* * * * *
Like a kind hand jostling my shoulder, something was waking me up to appreciate the awesome responsibility of spiritual realization.

Could I handle it when it's my turn?

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