Sunday, August 8, 2010

Secrets of Life

Oh, is that
a famous Spiritual Master?

Looking around at the plain, misty environment, Bob recognized that he was in a dream.

The stocky, white-bearded fellow approaching him was familiar looking, but it had been awhile since Bob was fortunate enough to have been in the company of this great spiritual being.

With anticipation building, Bob wondered what kind of experience he was in for this time.

Without a word, the spiritual master stopped directly before him. Bob could see how smooth his brown skin was. Those eyes were just black pools.

The master leaned forward, moving his head in closely over Bob's right shoulder. Then closer still, the Master whispered into Bob's ear.

Oh, if I could only tell you what was said. It was a secret of life that Bob had sought for a long, long time.

Bob was astounded. His insides swelled with a humbling gratitude. But by the time he could find words to thank this magnificent gentleman, he had already moved off. No doubt away on some vital business of God.

Marveling at his good fortune, Bob noticed someone else walking his way from the distance.

Oh, my gosh! he thought. Is that another Spiritual Master?

Indeed, it was.

This elderly Asian wiseman glided up close to Bob's side. There was the tiniest smile, and his eyes had a twinkle. Up on tippy-toes, this God-infused being leaned in and whispered into Bob's ear.

Another great secret of life!

If the world even had a clue! Bob was flabbergasted. By time he looked down to thank the ancient-looking gentleman, he was gone.

Bob could barely believe his great fortune. Two Master's visits. Two secret's of the universe . . . but wait.

Oh, no! What did the first Master say? Augh!

In his excitement over the second Master's breathtaking disclosure, Bob had forgotten what the first Master had revealed.

With his head hung down in disappointment, Bob didn't even notice a third Spiritual Master approaching until two boot-clad feet appeared in front of him. Looking up Bob saw yet another Spiritual Master that he recognized from pictures in a book he had at home.

Dazzling blue eyes and a wide smile out of a square jaw were all that Bob ended up remembering. Stepping even closer, the bald head leaned in to Bob, and whispered in his ear.

Another amazing secret of the cosmos!

The power! The freedom! Should mortal man be allowed to know this?

Bob's mind reeled and rocked. Regaining some composure, he looked this way and that way, but the majestic being was gone.

How can I ever thank him? Bob wondered. Am I even worthy of such trust.

He was overwhelmed by this great fortune. Three Master's visits. Three of the most precious secrets of . . . . but wait.

Oh, no! What did the second Master say? Awwww!

Staggered by the third Master's revelation, Bob had forgotten what the second Master had divulged.

Bob's gut clenched. The agony of having such a treasure within one's grasp, and then losing it.

A glance down the street showed another familiar form strolling his way. It was his regular dream companion, Harold, who just happens to be the Living ECK Master.

"What's up, Bob?" Harold asked. "You look a little upset."

"Oh, Harold. I can't believe it -- but three Spiritual Masters visited me. Each one whispered a wondrous secret of life into my ear. But the terrible thing is that I've forgotten what the first two . . . . Oh, no! Darn it! Now, I've forgotten what all three told me! It's all gone. How will I ever know it again?"

Harold chuckled a little.

"Bob, you can quit your worrying," soothed Harold, while patting those slumped shoulders.

"Just keep singing HU like I taught you. Then everything you heard -- and more -- will become a part of you. You won't have to remember it. You'll be living it."

A good and light feeling perked Bob up. His worries evaporated.

But that always happened when Harold was around.

(Based on a true experience)

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